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MGEPL-R High Speed Robotic Packaging Line

MGEPL-R High Speed Robotic Packaging Line

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The MGEPL-R is a highly automated robotic packaging system capable of production rates up to 10 metric tonnes per hour. Without the requirement for stationary operating personnel, the system intelligently picks and packages cartridges of varying dimensions. The MGEPL-R can be configured to handle cartridges of diameters ranging from 25-150 millimeters, and is easily changed over to accommodate varying production requirements on a single line. High production capacity is achieved while minimizing noise generation and energy consumption.
The MGEPL-R system includes explosion proof motors and wiring, custom stainless steel conveyor assemblies, and a PC-based control system utilizing the latest industrial automation technology. Various equipment configurations and layouts are possible to tailor the plant function and footprint to individual applications.
To date, the MGEPL-R has been transferred to over 70 civil explosive manufacturers such as Guangdong Tiannuo Civil Explosive Co., Ltd. Xingning Branch, Anshun Jiulian Industrial Explosive Co., Ltd., Sichuan Yahua Industrial Group’s Santai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd, and many more. Official certification by MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) was achieved in April of 2013, based on advanced technology and a proven safety record.
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