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Automated Detonator Assembly Line

Automated Detonator Assembly Line

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The Automated Detonator Assembly Line contains all equipment necessary to provide assembly of electric, electronic, or non-electric detonators. The assembly line can be configured to suit requirements such as
production rate, wire or shock tube inputs, traceability,waist crimping, or varying shell sizes and materials. The overall assembly line is engineered to operate at peak levels of efficiency and safety.
The Automated Assembly Line is available in two basic configurations. The first option is single unit crimping with optional shocktube autocoiling for highly automated assembly in small spaces or when lower production rates are needed. The second configuration involves multi-unit crimping for increased production rates and larger annual production requirements. Both lines share the same basic automatic functions such as shocktube or wire, and seal-to-shell insertion, shell crimping, detonator extraction, visual or electrical QC checks or inspection, and laser shell encoding.
The single unit automated detonator assembly line incorporates automated measurement, cutting, coiling, binding, sealing,tagging, and QC marking of shock tube, along with seal-to-shell insertion, shell neck crimping, visual crimp inspection, and laser shell encoding. Additional automated modules are available to provide shell loading, shell cleaning, delay insertion, and waist crimping. These capabilities are configurable to suit the desired capacity and the specific status of incoming raw materials. The intelligent assembly line provides flexible operation, while providing an enhanced level of performance, safety, and low assembly cost per unit.
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