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JWL-BCRH Emulsion Pumper Trucks and Kits

JWL-BCRH Emulsion Pumper Trucks and Kits

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The JWL-BCRH emulsion pumper body is designed for on-site mixing and loading of bulk emulsion. With a standard capacity of 15 metric tons, production rates can be set anywhere from 120-300 kg/min. A completely automated control system allows the unit to maintain a high degree of accuracy across the production rate range. The pre-set stop function in the control system allows the operator to enter the hole loading quantity based on mass or depth. All metering devices operate in closed-loop control, which eliminates manual adjustments required during loading. Front and rear hose reel configurations are available to suit the equipment application.
The JWL-BCRH emulsion pumper body can be mounted to chassis from most suppliers. King Explorer can provide assistance with suitable chassis selection, and can also provide a complete unit including the chassis. The 15 metric ton standard body typically requires a chassis with 9 metric ton front axle capacity, and 26 metric ton rear axle group capacity. The chassis should also accept a gearbox driven PTO, which can be specified prior to purchase.
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