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JWL-DXRH Series Underground Emulsion Pumpers

JWL-DXRH Series Underground Emulsion Pumpers

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The JWL-DXRH series underground emulsion pumper units are complete solutions for efficient up-hole loading up to and exceeding 40 meters in depth. The units are comprised of the chassis, emulsion pumping module, hose reel, articulating boom, hose pusher, and hose-tip static mixer. The JWL-DXRH series units are capable of handling ¾-1 ¼ inch hose, and loading at rates of 20-60 kg/min. Emulsion hopper capacity ranges from 500-
1500 kilograms.
The control system fully automates the loading process, requiring no operator interaction. Hose retract speed during loading is automatically calculated and maintained, ensuring the hose speed matches the product delivery into the borehole. The progressive cavity (PC) pump safety system continuously monitors the operation, and either warns the operator or shuts down the process if an abnormal issue arises.
The hydraulic hose pusher is used to insert and retract the hose from the borehole. This device automatically adjusts the clamping force on the hose, and monitors for hose slippage to prevent excess wear on the hose. The JWL-DXRH I operator basket includes a FOPS canopy with permanently mounted hose pusher. The JWL-DXRH II and IIA can be configured with the same style operator basket and FOPS canopy, or the operator basket may be removed and the hose pusher attached directly to the articulating arm. The JWL-DXRH II can then be operated via remote control from ground level.
To meet requirements of applications with space constraints during transport and loading, King Explorer has developed the DXRH-1B range of underground equipment. The charging module is able to be towed into position, or can be equipped with an optional on-board power supply which allows it to move under its own power. The automatic hose pushing module is configured as a standalone chassis. The charging module can be equipped with single or dual hose reels which can increase loading efficiency under certain circumstances.
The DXRH-1B range of underground equipment has been developed to meet the needs of large-scale horizontal loading in tunneling and rapid development applications. The charging module can be mounted on a variety of carriers including both rigid and articulated chassis. The standard module is configured with dual hose reels for increased efficiency during on-site mixing and loading operations. The instrumentation and closed-loop control system maximize the loading efficiency and, in turn, the blasting performance.
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