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JWL-A ANFO Bagging Line

JWL-A ANFO Bagging Line

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The JWL-A ANFO bagging production line consists of systems for quantitative transfer of prilled ammonium nitrate and additives, a diesel fuel measurement and transfer, oil blending, automatic weighing and bagging, automatic bag sewing, automatic weight inspection, and finished-product transfer. Examples of equipment capabilities are:
1. Production of porous ANFO with stable performance, and addition of additives according to the market and environment. For example, water repellent agents may be added to produce a water-proof ANFO product.
2. Diesel fuel addition is automatically controlled by PID for accurate addition levels.
3. An automatic sprayer is part of the oil blending system. When the material temperature is too high, the sprayer is automatically switched on to maintain production safety.
4. The automatic bagging system provides automatic bag feeding, opening, hanging, and filling. Filling rates achieve up to 16 bags/min with a filling range of 5 - 50kg, and accuracy up to 0.03kg.
5. The automatic bagging system can provide fast filling or a slower filling rate for higher accuracy and is designed with a doubleweighing system. The system is equipped with sensors to detect proper bag closure and will not allow the process to start if no bag is detected.
6. The automatic bag sewing system speed is adjustable in the range of 10.7 - 16.8m/min, with a self-lubricating system.
7. The automatic weight inspection system rejects filled bags that do not meet the weight requirement. The weighing system measurement accuracy is within 0.05kg.
8. The finished-product transfer system is equipped with a detonation arresting feature that maintains a minimum spacing of 4.5m between two finished-product bags during transfer. This works to eliminate a secondary accident caused by explosion propagation or sympathetic detonation.
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