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JWL-LZROBOT Crawler-Type Cargo Loading Robot

JWL-LZROBOT Crawler-Type Cargo Loading Robot

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The JWL-LZRobot cargo loading robot is installed on a crawler-type mobile mechanism and is suitable for quick and reliable loading and unloading of cargo areas with varying dimensions. During operation, the truck loading robot detects the carriage location, creates a coordinate map, automatically navigates to the initial loading (or unloading) position, and places or removes finished product from the carriage area. The system reduces personnel by providing automatic operation, and extreme versatility and adaptability.
1) The six-joint robot easily adapts to varying truck loading and unloading requirements related o carton or bag stacking methods. The robot and telescoping belt conveyor are installed on a mobile crawler chassis, allowing forward or backward movement without carriage length limitations.
2) The intelligent positioning system automatically scans and maps the cargo area to build an accurate coordinate system, recognizes the current status, and stacks cartons or paper bags according to the preset system configuration.
3) The adjustable mechanical gripper is able to grasp cartons or paper bags of various shapes and sizes.
4) A temporary storage area may be designated for products arriving from the packaging process while awaiting the next available empty carriage container. The truck loading rate can be synchronized to match the material feeding rate.
5) The rated crawler capacity is up to 10 cartons or bags/min.
Applicable material dimensions:
Length: 300 - 550mm long
Width: 280 - 440mm
Height: 180 - 300mm
6) Rated Power consumption is only 10kW.
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